Friday, May 7, 2010

read me!

This is actually my third post today but I feel like its the most important. recently we, my children and neices, have been the victims of a child molester. Luckily for me I never gave him enought time with Kenya to do too much damage. the same cannot be said for a few of the others in may family. This last couple of weeks has been a nightmare trying to catch him without him knowing that we knew. Yesterday he was finally arrested and is now in jail, waiting for his trial. Unfortunately, we all have to go and be witnesses.
the reason I wanted to tell everyone is so you and take steps with your own children. Have access to any e-mail accounts of Facebook accounts your child might have. this is the way he was finally caught. there are many web sights to help look for sighs that your child might be showing. I think the most important thing is to let your child know they can come to you and tell you what is happening, with out fear that they might be laughed at of not believed. Try to teach your children how to be survivors rather than victims.
The sad thing is that this man was a member of the family and trusted as one. I didn't know what he was involved in until I read some of the e-mails he sent.
Sorry this was not very fun with cute pictures but its so important, specially for my family right now.

Josh's Wedding

funny picture

So Josh and Christina actually did it.
there wedding was lovely. I did their Pinata and their cake.

they wanted the mystery machine.
It think it turned out well!
Bride having a Go!

Special thanks to my mom, who honestly, did most of the cake
She baked them all. I just was in charge of putting them together.
Thanks also to Nicole. my partner in crime and to Emily, whom I had only met once before, but pitched in and helped me anyway. she had never done it before.
The cakes looked great!

Happy Birthday Kenya

Wow, can you believe its been six years?